TESOL values sport for its vital role in physical fitness, character development and providing great fun. We teach soccer, volleyball and netball and have active soccer teams competing in the city throughout the year.

First term being hot season, TESOL gives students from grade one to twelve the opportunity to learn to swim and/or develop their swimming skills. Second term we concentrate on athletics, culminating in an Inter-House whole school Sports Day. Sports also includes acrobatic dance, general physical fitness and badminton.

Read more for details of 2016-17 swimming carnivals and soccer tournament.


Assemblies are a weekly event at TESOL. Every campus meets as a group to share announcements and information learnt in classes, highlight important issues, compete in House events and showcase and reward achievement.



Excursions occur yearly for every TESOL class. Visits to various places of interest provide additional educational opportunities. 

2016-17 School Year Excursions:

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten: Cercle Hippique

Grades 1-3: HyperPsaro production and packing factory

Grade 4: Luano Airport

Grades 5 & 6: Mwangaza Radio & TV station

Grades 7 & ELL: Brasimba factory

Grades 8 & 9: REGIDESO Luano pumping and purification station

UNHS: Mikembo Wildlife Sanctuary camping trip


As part of our vision and mission statement, TESOL gives most of our students a chance to practice Christian values by visiting and sharing with children who may be in need.

This year Golf students visited Complexe Scolaire Ephphata, a school for deaf children.

Kinsevere students have a relationship with a local school, to share their knowledge of English. The student's "Social Action Committee" plans the activities for these monthly visits.


Graduation ceremonies are usually held twice a year - June and December - for students who have completed the credits required for the University of Nebraska High School independent study program. Formal, ceremonial, emotional, TESOL graduation is a time of thanksgiving and recognition of great achievement in the life of a student. A UNHS Diploma is internationally recognized for application to institutions of tertiary education all over the world.


The TESOL Cup is the trophy for the overall winner of the House events for any school year. TESOL Houses are named North, South, East and West and inter-house events are carried out all year. House points are gained for various disciplines: sports, academics, behavior, assembly presentations and more. Currently the TESOL cup is held by North.


TESOL loves to sing and dance.Every year the school program includes concerts to present music, dance and theatre.


Competitions allow TESOL to pit themselves against other English-speaking students in Lubumbashi in various disciplines. This year, TESOL was once again the overall winner of the English club association event at the ISP.


At least once a year, TESOL allows the students to participate in the on-going building project of the Kinsevere campus. TESOL Trek, raffles, sports events, fun fairs and food sales; this year there will be an inter-school sports tournament on Saturday, 13th May as our major fund raiser.


Every second year since 2013-14, the UNHS students have had the option of an international trip. 2013-14 trip was to Capetown, South Africa; in 2015-16, 21 students with 4 teachers travelled across Zimbabwe. In the school year of 2017-18, the students are planning a bus trip through Tanzania.