Mission Statement

As Christians we believe that God is the Creator. He made all people and continues to love them. Through the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ, he has overcome the separation which people caused between themselves and God through sin. Our personal acceptance of God’s love and forgiveness governs our actions, maturing us in our faith through prayer, fellowship, and receptiveness to God’s Word and his Spirit.

It therefore follows that The English-speaking School of Lubumbashi will:

  • Serve children whose ability in English enables them to study in a school where English is the major language of instruction
  • Accept children of varying ethnic, cultural, and religious heritages and varying abilities as full, valued creatures of God to be developed to their individual God-given potential intellectually, socially, spiritually, and physically
  • Develop the students’ fluency in both oral and written English so that they can, when necessary, live in an English-speaking country and/or study in its higher academic institutions
  • Develop in the students an adequate ability to function in the French language in a French-speaking country
  • Select a staff of educationally qualified persons who are committed to the philosophy of The English-speaking School of Lubumbashi